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Dunya News Live – Dunya News is a famous Pakistani news channel that runs its broadcast in Urdu language 24/7. It is governed and managed by National Communications Services (SMC) Pvt. Ltd. Headquarter in Lahore, Dunya TV news has received high acclaim because of timely reporting of events and covering all the top stories. Apart from politics, Dunya News TV Urdu has focused on providing comprehensive coverage of the news on the economy, business, sports, entertainment, world, technology, lifestyle and more. The Dunya TV News Bulletin is broadcast all hours with the latest news updates after every hour.

Dunya News is now the name of a home in the whole country, in which the huge network of newspapers, technical facilities and reliable sources of information are supported. There is a vast network of bureau offices in major cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, Multan, Peshawar, Sukkur, Dera Ismail Khan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, and all other sub-districts. News coverage of Dunya TV Live also does not miss a district or city. In foreign locations, the Dunia TV Bureau office is present in the United Arab Emirates, the UK, and the USA.

Dunya News Live coverage is also possible through the waves of the Internet, where you can ever watch live TV on your smartphone or laptop. Dunya TV Urdu news contains a widespread expansion of the latest news across Pakistan, which certainly gives them an edge over others. Holding Dunya News Live has become a trend; Specifically online users can access the latest updates from the Dunia News app, and through this Dunya News Live Streaming option. In Pakistan, the situation suddenly changes, which has made viewers extremely sensitive to the news. They like to keep updated with all the latest trends news. Presently most tense stories are related to Prime Minister Imran Khan, General Kamar Bajwa, Eid Ul Half.

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Dunya News Live Streaming is yet another popular feature that people like to use. It’s easy to access and makes it easy for users to check for news updates anytime and anywhere. Broadcasting the latest news and although the provocative talk show is Dunya News Live’s Fort. Channel is known for broadcasting Dunya TV Urdu news for Pakistani viewers. The goal of the channel is to reach the people of Pakistan, so it ensures the latest and modern news in Urdu. In the Punjab side, the public is pursued by the Dunya News Bulletin. Due to being Pakistan’s most popular and the most watched channel, Dunia News offers you the latest updates for every single event in the country. Wajahat Sayeed Khan’s ‘Mahajan Shaan’ is surely the main attraction of Dunya TV. Pem-e-Subh Dune is a news morning show that is broadcast every morning. Other popular Dounya TV shows are with Hasb Eal, Junk Rat, and Dunya Kamran Khan.

Welcome to “Dunya News Live” by tuning in Dunia News Live – Pakistan’s most popular news network, Dunne News. Distinguished as one of the country’s most promising and popular news channels, Dunia TV has reached its height of success due to its amazing, authentic and interesting content. Dunya TV Urdu News is a 24-hour channel that disseminates content in national language. Together with National Communication, it became official in December 2008. Dunia News neighborhoods managed by Miyan Amir Mehmood broadcast news and related talk shows in 24-hour Urdu dialect through drivers. Dunya News Live has high local reach and witness live broadcast of news and current affairs in various urban, village, towns and other remote areas of Pakistan. Dunya News is a huge popularity in live and current affairs shows and the number of viewers. Highly-acclaimed Dunia News TV show with high TRP rating, Hasb-e-Hall, Joke Rat, Mahaj, CrossFire, News Watch, Police File, Tonight, Some names are included with Moed Pirada. The Battle of TRP won by Hasab e Hall famously Azizi alone due to his hilarious performance. He strikes the audience with laughter by presenting the Punjabi style of analysis on current affairs and issues. In 2012, Dunya News expanded its business operations by diversifying its expertise in the print media by diversifying the newspaper “Dunya Newspaper”. Today, Dunya News TV has emerged as one of Pakistan’s most favorite current affairs channels, capable of fully handling the challenge of authentic reporting.

Popular Shows of Dunia News


Wajahat Sayeed Khan’s show Mahaj is very popular among the masses through effective voice, knowledge and confidence reporting. Mahaj is a journalism television show based on different types of Majjaz where Pakistan was challenged and it emerged victoriously. In each episode, Wajat S Khan takes you on an incredible journey to analyze the real potential of Pakistan and to analyze the various challenges to deal with the challenge. Mr. Wajahat Saeed Khan is a famous journalist and alumnus of Harvard University and the University of Michigan. We are all impressed and spelled in our unique way of presenting a show. The show is broadcast on Sunday.

Hasb e Haal

No introduction is needed for the show. Now, this is the name of the house. Comedy, informative, and entertaining, Hasb E Hall is definitely Pakistan’s most viewed and favorite show. This comedy talk show is broadcast from Thursday to Sunday at 11:00 pm on Dunne News. The show hosts Junad Salim, Najiya Beg and Sohail Ahmed, who present political and social satire in their unique style. Its aim is to raise a voice in a light hilarious voice against the barriers of society; there is a need to face errors in law and order, judiciary, government policies and the entire current system of Pakistan. The popularity of the show and the relevance of the content and the way it has been presented is relevant. You can watch online Hasah e Hall and live on with the latest video and episode of the talk show.

Mazaaq Raat

Junk Rat is a popular show for Dunya TV. This show is organized by famous TV actor Vasey Chaudhary, which includes Amanullah Khan, Iftikhar Thakur, Sakhawat Naz, and DJ Mohsin Abbas Haider. The show broadcasts from Monday to Wednesday at 11:05 a.m. The format of the show is entertaining because DJ Joot starts the show with a parody song and ends. Noman Ejaz holds the show with astonishingly funny night team who tampered with sarcastic and hilarious comments. Other members of the show are Miss Tech, which includes Fatima Sohail and Hannel Siddiqui. You can watch funny jokes online and live on with the latest shows and episodes of Tom Shaw.

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