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Geo news live streaming – geo news live News – The general election is announced by 2018 ECP, beginning July 25, 2018. Geo News TV aims to provide you with full coverage of the general election 2018. You can get the convenience of elections news, top stories, and before and after the results of every provincial and national assembly constituency. Our special transmission will broadcast talk shows and programs related to Pakistan elections 2018, which are based on the current scenario while discussing the prospects of each political party in the election scenario 2018. Geo TV viewers can see analysis by some major political analysts, lawmakers, and educated individuals, every election 2018 results. To facilitate non-stop coverage of Pakistan election 2018, stay on live TV in the election period.

Geo News – Geo News is Pakistan’s premier news and current affairs channels, which are popular among local and international audiences. Geo News was launched in 2002. Geo News is owned by an independent media corporation, which owns the company’s Jungle Group newspapers. Geo News TV is undoubtedly Pakistan’s most trusted and watched news channel for authentic and timely news reporting, breaking news updates, forum discussions, talk shows and more. Trust in channel news has been strengthened from time to time because the channel progressed and developed. The channel became a trendsetter in Urdu news channels in Pakistan and the most popular on the international stage. Geo News Urdu Live is a trend on online websites to capture news by visitors.

geo news live today in pakistan The channel covers every major events and news in every other. The general election 2018 is the most anticipated event occurring in Pakistan on July 25, 2018. Depending on the expectations, Geo TV will broadcast special election transmissions to cover news mega political events. It comes to covering Geo News Event News Events and Top Stories, which provides authentic news to their dedicated audience. Geo TV analysts Mazhar Abbas, Hassan Nisar, Najam Sethi, and Rana Jawaad are always at the place to provide their expert analysis. Because of their intelligent analysis on every issue/crisis, they are heard and followed most. They will provide their expert reviews and analysis for the results of each constituency, the status of the party, and the formation of a government in the provinces and states. Election results of 2018 will be announced properly on Geo News and they will be analyzed.

Geo news live youtube – A Pakistan based entertainment channel owned by Geo television network Mir Khalil ur Rahman became official in October 2002. Geo television network is part of the famous newspaper publication “Zhang Group”. The ideology behind the Geo Television Network is “Xiao and Zine Do”.

Geo News is not just a news channel which is considered to be the face of Pakistan because it reflects Pakistan’s image on the international stage. Apart from Geo News, no other Pakistani news channel is popular in international audiences. People like to hear and debate on the talk show of Hamid Mir and Sohail Warriach. Whether this election is the first time in the 2013 general election political upheaval, Peshawar school massacre or general crisis on the report of energy crisis 2013 or PTI, is leading in broadcasting news of live news.

geo news headlines For the past few years, Geo News has faced grave charges and allegations from the government and judiciary. If we remember that the first incident happened in emergency 2007 when the Musharraf government had completely restricted the broadcast of live news. On the special request from the Government of Pakistan, the program was banned by the Dubai Government’s Capital Talk and Mer Mutabik. Geo News was again targeted to promote ‘lawyer movement’ and ‘long march’ and to go against the ongoing government for many years. Recent incidents of the attack on Zia’s senior anchor Hamid Mir in Karachi changed the Pakistani media and its image at the local and international level. The channel was criticized for trying to blame Hamid Mir for blaming the Inter-Services Intelligence and its Director General Zaheer-ul-Islam. As a result, the live news licenses were suspended for 15 days by Pema.

geo news live streaming online watch free Despite the controversy, the channels gained popularity in electronic media, is the largest channel in Pakistan. According to Gallup Pakistan, in the context of viewers in 2013, Geo News ranked second on the top 20 list of channels (Data: January – June 2013). It gained popularity and public support due to its highly professional news channel, anchor, talk show and debate. People like to watch the live news for any breaking news instead of BBC or CNN. People believe in Geo News because they have always given them real facts about current affairs, breaking news, and news of Geo News. Geo News is a trendsetter and is not only one of the most reliable news channel TVs in Pakistan but in the world.

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Xiao has made remarkable progress and development in the media spectrum with the expertise of breaking his ground in shows, news, entertainment, sports, and music. It is excellent in all the domains of electronic media. Geo’s famous TV channel Geo Entertainment, Geo News, Geo Super, Geo Tez, and Geo Story Each of these channels is unique, informative and entertaining to its audience.

Famous Shows

There is a diverse range of live television shows related to entertainment, drama, comedy, current affairs, talk shows, sports shows, which gain popularity and acceptance from people. These shows have directed the actual image of Pakistan in terms of culture, political, social and economic scenarios. The live TV show is now hosted by Dr. Amir Lailat Hussain. The most talked about live news TV show is:

Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada kay sath

A new addition to Geo News is titled “Shazab Khanjada Ka Ke Saath”. This show is based on the issues which are rapidly developed news, undivided analysis and stories that add titles. Hosted by a forceful and honest host, Shahzab Khanzada, this show adds to the new format of the future; Rapidly developed news and in-depth analysis. The show broadcasts from Monday-Thursday @ 10:05 pm You can watch with the latest video and talk show episodes on our web com today with Shajejb Khanzada.

Aik Din Geo kay Saath

Get a chance to be personal with powerful celebrities, politicians, social figures and influential people because Geo News takes you on a journey to spend a day with your favorite stars, politicians, musicians, players, and athletes. With my favorite host Sohail Warraich, Ik Din Deen, along with people, know the people behind the personality. The show broadcasts at 07:05 pm and repeats the broadcast on Saturdays at 05:30 am and 9:05 pm. You can watch online with the latest video and Talk Show episodes online at with Din Ziao.

Capital Talk is one of Geo News’s oldest and most popular programs. It looks at the challenges, issues, and concerns faced by Pakistan. The show’s format includes a panel of famous personalities and dignitaries who participated in a dialogue that contributes to reaching a viable and practical solution. Capital Talk caters both sides of the coin to keep a clear picture of each issue. It was hosted by Hamid Mir from 8:05 on Monday to Thursday. You can watch Capitol Talk Live and online at with the latest video and talk show episodes.

Aapas Ki Baat

You are waiting for live news at a fast speed, which is based on news updates and current events in national and international areas. Hosted by noted journalist Najam Sethi with Munib Farooq. The show is broadcast from 8:00 to 9 a.m. from Friday to Sunday. You can watch the ups and downs online and live on with the latest video and episode of the talk show.


The news of Geo TV News is news that comes together on the basis of the essential characters of different and anti-background and discusses the professionals and opposition of our society in a humorous manner. The show airs from Thursday to Sunday at 11:05. You can watch the news online and live on with the latest shows and episodes of Tom Shaw.


Jirga is a controversial show of Geo News TV which discusses every important issue related to politics, economy, sociology, religion and international relations. The basic purpose of the show is to provide the most viable solution for the important after logical discussions with all stakeholders. This show is hosted by Salim Safi and is broadcast on Saturday and Sunday at 10:05. You can watch Jirga online and live on with the latest shows and episodes of Tom Shaw.



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