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Taste in Pakistani drama? Hum Sitaray have a special TV channel TV wing, we tune in in Sitarai. Hum Sitaray are providing the main focus of the Seater family-oriented entertainment material, which is unique and refreshing to look at. Pakistani dramas are known for their wonderful acting, direction, and script, which passes the audience on their TV screen. The success of the Pakistani drama is a powerful performance by the old and new talent. The fame of the HUM TV urged them to launch a channel devoted to indigenous entertainment disturbing viewers. We have emerged as the secondary drama channel of Sitara Live Hugh Network, whose goal is to broadcast the plays that reflect the real face of our society. We are the star drama mostly female-oriented and target almost every social issue prevailing in society.

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 Hum Sitaray live – stars were all excitement lovers, sports freaks, emotional drama fans, comedy junkies, kids, teenagers and adults who wish to enjoy quality entertainment to enjoy on the couch with family. The hallmark of this channel is high-quality programming, content that is refreshing, exciting and targeting the entire family. We were launched on September 14, 2013 in Sitarai by Network Ltd. The seats let you bring international content on your TV screen, which includes Indian and Turkish dramas. Older HUM TV dramas are also new. All blockbusters we will be able to watch TV dramas with popular Indian and Turkish shows dubbed the audience.  Hum Sitaray have a few popular programs on the air on Sitaray to name the sandal cardo, heart door, Larkian mohale, Sitamagar, Dhammiyan of Phasalon, many na these hearts, Madawa, Qayyid e Tahanai, again my destiny, D. some. We broadcast with the title “HSY with tonight” hosted by the Stars Fashion Show HDY. After the show’s remarkable success, the fourth season will soon reach the TV screen. She invites the showbiz guests and grills them with interesting questions and sections.  Hum Sitaray show star shows and are appreciated by the public. You can see Hum Sitaray drama online, the latest we can watch sitar tv drama, entertainment show, and informative stars online program. Hum Sitaray Live streaming only available


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